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Dr. Madeline M. O'Dea
Chief Educational Officer, Founder, Principal

Students, Faculty, Families and Friends,

The development of our school was the most difficult, yet rewarding undertaking that all of us involved ever experienced. It has been a dream come true.

Our goal was to create an environment of learning where children could take an active role in the creation of  their knowledge, interact and learn from each other, find satisfaction in their accomplishments and creative expression ,with teachers who are enthusiastic and committed to instilling democratic values that support the development of civic leaders.

Lucy Sprague Mitchell in 1916 wrote a credo for the Bank Street School for Children, New York. Those words are still profound today. It speaks to developing in children a love for life long learning, curiosity about the world around them and their place in it, courage to confront challenges, accepting others and their points of view without judgment, and their role in striving to support the development of good citizens.

We have replicated that laboratory school here at Trinity and also adopted the set of those beliefs that drove that spirit.

The students at Trinity have been taught and given many tools for a successful life. Through the years, we have celebrated the achievements of our graduates as witnessed by many around the Tampa Bay area. It is a testament to all those who have touched the lives of Trinity students. They have proven to be prepared to take on any challenge and are not afraid to dream and work hard to achieve their goals.

We all look forward to growing and improving for many years to come.