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What is a Charter School?

The charter school movement is a vehicle for educational reform. It is a school of choice.  It is the vehicle that Trinity chose to accomplish their goal of opening the school.  The best way to understandcharter   the concept of a charter school is to say that it is a "public" school by statute but run in a "private" way.  An entity enters into a contract with the state through the district it resides in to operate their school. The school is obliged to follow their charter and be financially responsible.  Reports to the state are issued annually and over-site is governed by the district where the charter school resides.

  Trinity School for Children is a gift to educators, parents and children.  The charter school movement gives parents the opportunity to choose the educational experience they  want for their children.  Therefore, when you choose to accept this gift, you choose to accept the responsibility to protect the tenants of your choice.

Trinity School forwhatchsch Children in grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade does not charge tuition as it is considered "public" school.  Our funding is generated from the state, fundraising, donations and volunteer work from our families. However, our programs, infants through 4 year olds are private and our funding for that portion is tuition driven. As a member of the Trinity family, each family is required to perform 30 hours of volunteer work each year. 

Trinity School for Children is a gift, not an entitlement.  If this is your choice, we expect that it is appreciated, respected and protected by all who chose to be a part of this family.





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