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Values with Healthy Respect

Respect:   We recognize and honor the contributions of one another in our daily activities and create an environment where diversity is appreciated and encouraged.

Empowerment:  We create a culture that encourages people to exercise their judgment and initiative in pursuit of healthvalorganizational goals.

Sensitivity:  We strive to create and sustain a loving and nurturing community experience for children fostering their spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical growth.

Parents:  We empower children and families to take charge of their education and directly apply it to their own family systems and cultures.

Excellence:  We achieve and maintain quality results and outcomes through continuous performance, improvement, and learning.

Commitment to Service:  We dedicate ourselves to provide services unconditionally and without partiality.

Teamwork:  We encourage active collaboration to solve problems, make decisions and achieve common goals.


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  • Health requirements for school attendance