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As a Trinity alumnus, your most impactful years with Trinity School For Children may still be ahead of you! 

We are grateful to have been an important part of your education and formative years - everything we do is for the benefit of the young people who we work with every day - but our journey alongside you doesn’t end at graduation.

Alumni serve as an example to the Trinity students of today, showing them how the philosophy of education they experience here will continue to serve them throughout their lives.

Our Goal For Our Alumni

We’re committed to creating a network of alumni that fosters meaningful relationships and positive interactions to support you for career networking, peer mentoring, alumni voluntarism, and participating in our events here at Trinity. 

Join Our Network

We warmly welcome you to our alumni network and would love for you to register as an official member of our community by completing the form below! 

 As a registered alumnus, we’ll keep you updated on special activities and events, campus projects, and other important endeavors that are exclusively for Trinity Alumni. 

Just as importantly, this information will help us stay current on your journey. As you know, the Trinity bond is a strong one. Over the years, many of you have come back for special events, given speeches, presented awards, and celebrated our growth; your involvement is important to us.

We look forward to sharing your successes and milestones with current students, faculty, families, former classmates, and the community at large!

In the meantime, if you have questions, need to update your information, or have a milestone to share, please reach out to us at