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Board of Directors

The purpose of the Board of Directors of the Tampa School Development Corporation, d.b.a. Trinity School for Children, is to provide for the education of children from Infant/Toddler age through 8th grade in accordance with the educational philosophy of the Bank Street College of Education, New York, as is written in our charter with the State of Florida.

The Board of Directors are not compensated for their time and service in conducting the affairs of the Board and therefore may not be a paid employee of the school.

Mission Statement

The Trinity School for Children School Board is committed to facilitating and supporting the highest quality of education through strategic planning, communication, and accountability. By modeling the school's values, we shall foster a dynamic, nurturing and safe environment for our Trinity family. 

We are a non-profit corporation (The Tampa School Development Corporation) doing business under the name, Trinity School for Children. From the school inception in 1999, our board has included school parents, local business professionals, educators, and purposeful community members who share in the school's vision of the development of the whole child. 

The Tampa School Development Corporation operates under the Sunshine Law Standards as they apply to Charter Schools and public entities.

Grievance Procedure

The following is the proper protocol for Trinity School for Children families who have a grievance or concern to voice:

  1. Schedule a time with your child’s teacher to discuss the issue.
  2. If further action is needed, schedule an appointment with administration to discuss the issue.
  3. If further action is still needed, schedule an appointment with the principal to discuss the issue.
  4. After the above three steps are taken and you feel your issue has not been handled to your satisfaction, you may contact the School Board President, Dana Dowsett, at to be placed on the agenda at the next scheduled board meeting.  All meetings are open to the public and time is set for public comment on non-agenda items.

This procedure has been set up because your concerns are important to us.  Our School Board meetings are the proper setting for discussing any concerns our families may have.  Our general TSFC – Meetings that will be held throughout the year are for informational purposes only and are not a forum for discussion of grievances or concerns.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.