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Athletics at Trinity School for Children plays an important role in our community. Our students are encouraged to participate in one sport or many from the fifth grade through eighth grade. Through athletics, we teach students how to take reasonable risks, try new activities, develop a refined sense of their bodies in space, and engage in problem-solving on the fields of play.

Our sports programs are designed to create the "student athlete" who is able to demonstrate hard work, sportsmanship, and respect on and off the playing field. It is our goal to make sports an area that all students will want to explore. We believe that the skills learned on the fields bring positive results to the classroom as well as adding to the development of the whole child.

We compete at a high level of play. Our dedicated coaching staff works diligently to ensure that the lessons and values learned on the fields translates to the manner in which they will conduct their lives in the future. While it is important to teach proper athletic skills, we never lose sight of the fact that there is a higher purpose - to build character, to understand the meaning of commitment, and to foster the ability to collaborate.

Our teams have been successful. With the overwhelming support of our staff, parents, and our community, our programs will only continue to grow and improve for years to come.

We believe that Trinity School for Children is a model for what it truly means to be a "student athlete". 

Go Tornados!


Health Services

Mission Statement

The mission of Trinity School for Children's Health Department is to strengthen and facilitate the educational process through improvement and protection of the health status of all students. We work as a team with parents, teachers, and administration as a community to identify and assist each student to reach their maximum state of well-being.

Overview of School Health

The Office of School Health:

  • Fosters the academic potential of children by improving their health. 
  • Works with federal, state and local agencies to prevent or contain any communicable or environmental threat to the bay area school children. 
  • Provides health examinations and screenings as mandated by public health and education regulations. 
  • Insures that all school children have access to and receive ongoing medical care, including any which should occur in school. 
  • Provides health education to promote the adoption of healthy behaviors early in life.